Your Career Insights

555career_support_group_st_gregory_career_job_personality_insights_unsplash LRAm I in the right job?  What should I be doing?  Why am I not happy in my current position?

Your career insights may not be as clear as they once were. Consider that this could be due to any number of situations. Your idea of your “dream job” may have shifted as you gained experience and developed your skills. You may have uncovered other aspects of a job that you find very attractive. What’s important to you in your job may have change. Or, you may even find yourself be at a point where you are looking for something entirely new.

So where do you start to uncover what it is that’s next for you?

Inquire with Your Local Library. Many college Career Services Department offer assessment to alumni and students at no charge.  Always ask what assessment tests may be available to you. Those marked with a * appear to be available directly online. If you know of any other career assessments, please let us know at contact us.



  • 123 Test   link                                         Free; multiple tests (career, personality, DISC, Jung)
  • Bloomberg Aptitude Test  link          Available through these universities  link
  • LEVO*  link                                              Getting started, tools, mentors, networks for millenials.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Personality       Usually available at college career centers.
  • ONET Online*  link                                Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.                                                                                            Provides careers to explore.
  • Strong Interest Inventory                  Usually available at college career centers.
  • Tony Robbins DISC  link                      Free assessment of a Personal Strengths Profile
  • TypeFocus *  link 



*  These appear to be available directly online.

**  By listing these assessments above, we are not providing an endorsement, implicit or implied.  They are listed as a resource that only you can determine if they are suitable for you.