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The Career Support Group at St. Gregory the Great is proud to provide career expert presentations each month when experts they share their tips, insights, and knowledge. Recognizing that you job search, like life, is not a straight line, we seek to provide high quality content that is usable and relevant to you.

We encourage you to check our calendar for upcoming presentations and to take a look at the areas of expertise our presenters have to offer. And we are most appreciative of these amazing experts who so generously support our members. Please click on the links below to learn more about their backgrounds, areas of specialty, and their services, and materials they have so graciously agreed to share with you.

  • 2020.03     Introduce Yourself: Creative Introductions for Networking and Beyond by Eileen Sinett
  • 2020.02     Cover Letters/Thank You Letters: The Underutilized Job Search Tools by Gary Lande    PDF
  • 2020.01     How to Work as a Consultant by David Schuchman

  • 2019.11     How Will You “Keep Pace” with Digital Solutions of the Future by George Pace
  • 2019.10     What Do You Do When You Can’t Do What You Used to Do by David Schuchman
  • 2019.09     AGEism-How to Deal with It Successfully by Marty Latman
  • 2019.08     Selling Yourself by Joey Himelfarb
  • 2019.07     Top 10 Steps to Employability in 2019: What They Are and Why It Matters by Abby Kohut
  • 2019.06     LinkedIN: It’s About Being Found by Alex Freund
  • 2019.05     Build Your Interview Skills by John Hadley
  • 2019.04     Body Language for Job Seekers by Eileen Sinett
  • 2019.03     Social Security, Medicare & Retirement by Edie Kelly
  • 2019.02     What They Never Taught You in College by Mark Beal
  • 2019.01     Preparing for the Job Hunt: The Essential Checklist by Valerie S. Williams  PDF  checklist

  • 2018.11     Galvanize into ACTION by Terrence Seamon
  • 2018.10    Stop Looking for a Job.. Start Building a Career by Kieth Bogen
  • 2018.09     Dress for Success by Vicki Corrodi
  • 2018.08     Managing Your Job Search Campaign by Gary Lande   PDF
  • 2018.07     Game Changer: 1 Page Marketing Plan by Benny Recine   PDF
  • 2018.06     Am I Managing My Career? What’s the Plan? by Marty Latman
  • 2018.05     LinkedIn: Be Found by Alex Freund
  • 2018.04     Success for the Seasoned Search… Being Overqualified by Abby Kohut
  • 2018.03     The Needs Assessment by John Hadley 
  • 2018.02     Apply the Breakthrough Road Map to Landing Your Next Job by Doug Berger
  • 2018.01     Uncover the Hidden Job Market by David Schuchman


  • 2017.11     Negotiate Your Salary At Every Step Of The Process by Abby Kohut
  • 2017.10    Job Seeker’s Essential Checklist by Valerie S. Williams   PDF   check list    tracking template
  • 2017.09     Branding for Landing by Alex Freund
  • 2017.08     Forming Your Own Exeutive Board by Benny Recine   PDF
  • 2017.07    Developing Your Master Resume by Gary Lande
  • 2017.06    What’s Your Challenge? Forum
  • 2017.05     Social Media in Job Search by Mitch Federman  PDF 
  • 2017.04   How Recruiters Use LinkedIN by Ed Han
  • 2017.03   Leveraging Strategy Instead of Luck to Advance Your Career by Jennifer Guy and Greg Burnham
  • 2017.02  New Start Career Network by Maria Heidkamp
  • 2017.01  The Benefit of Being Overqualified by Abbey Kohut