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The Career Support Group at St. Gregory the Great is proud to provide career expert presentations each month when experts they share their tips, insights, and knowledge. Recognizing that you job search, like life, is not a straight line, we seek to provide high quality content that is usable and relevant to you.

We encourage you to check our calendar for upcoming presentations and to take a look at the areas of expertise our presenters have to offer. And we are most appreciative of these amazing experts who so generously support our members. Please click on the links below to learn more about their backgrounds, areas of specialty, and their services, and materials they have so graciously agreed to share with you.

2017   Presentations & Presenters

2016   Presentations & Presenters

2015   Presentations & Presenters

  • 2015/12/19        “Potluck Networking”
  • 2015/11/21        “Using LinkedIn for Your Job Search”   presentation pdf  by Debra Wheatman 
  • 2015/10/15       “Using Executive Presence to Get Hired” by Jennifer L. Smith  
  • 2015/09/21       “Success for the Seasoned Search: The Benefit of Being Overqualified” by Abby Kohut  
  • 2015/08/15       “Why Can’t I Get that Job?” by Alex Freund
  • 2015/07/18       “What’s Blocking Your Search?” by John Hadley
  • 2015/06/27       “Library Resources”  video and  pdf  by Hamilton Free Public Library
  • 2015/05/16       “Communicating for Success – Watch Your Language!” by Paul Hatrak
  • 2015/04/18      “The Power of the Mind. Are Your Thoughts Holding Your Career Search Back?” by Elizabeth Fitzgerald
  • 2015/03/21     “Working With Recruiters” Panel