Career Support Group at St. Gregory the Great - Q&A Answers You Can Use in Your Job Search

Q&AJob Search Questions and Answers

Your career is a journey of ups and downs and all arounds in an every changing world. You probably have a million “how” and “why” and “what” questions. This is where we get to help one another. Each month at our monthly meeting, we ask participants one question and showcase their suggestions here. We hope you find these golden nuggets helpful!

Q:  I’m overwhelmed. What tools or ideas are out there to help me manage my job search? A: Prefill your calendar each week blocking out periods and tasks A: Try for 40% networking/30% computer search/30% family & exercise. A: Create a project plan just like you would for a “real” job.

Q: It’s lonely searching and I’m becoming more frightened and withdrawn. A: Join job support groups. Great presenters always share new tips and techniques. Lots of kind, helpful people too!  A: Visit a coffee shop for a few hours and engage with others while you are there. A: Set up a mid-week conference call/meeting with a few other job seekers.  A: Volunteer-its great for getting experience and building confidence.

Q: Why should you have your own Board of Directors? A: There are numerous reasons. Check out our feature article in US1.