Monthly Meeting on 7/18/15: Career Support What’s Blocking Your Search?

The Career Support Group at St. Gregory the Great is delighted to host one of our best career support events with special presenter, John Hadley, present on “What’s Blocking Your Search?”

Do you know what’s blocking your search and keeping you from landing that job you really want?   Whether you are just starting out on your search, or have been struggling for seemingly endless months, or fruitlessly searching career support websites, one of you most important tasks is to diagnose what you need to do to succeed in your search.

In this unique workshop, John Hadley will use his proprietary Career Search Assessment survey to help you uncover what’s blocking your search, positioning you to take action to land the job and pay you deserve.  You will complete your own personal ChangeGrid on-site. John will then show you how to interpret it to identify the challenges you face, and strategies for dealing with them. He will also reinforce this with selected ChangeGrids from his client files, showing you the stories behind them.

Be sure you DO NOT MISS this month’s meeting – Put this event on your calendar today!


John Hadley founded John Hadley Associates nearly 15 years ago to help job seekers land the job and pay they deserve. As a career coach, he helps individuals get on track with their careers.  He also works with professionals across New Jersey struggling to become and be seen as influential leaders. John offers a FREE Career Tips Email Newsletter to 9,500 subscribers, each month bringing valuable advice on marketing yourself for a career search, and for accelerating your career. You can find that and a variety of other career resources on his website at  

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