Leveraging Strategy Instead of Luck to Advance Your Career (3/18/17)

March 18, 2017 Monthly Meeting

Networking and Job Search Coaching

  • Do you think of your capability just in terms of what you have done in the past?
  • Do you give thought to what you might be capable of doing or asked to do in the future?
  • Are you feeling stuck?

By participating in this month’s meeting, you will find yourself “taking charge” of your career rather than letting it unfold on its own.

You will learn how to see for your next job, promotion, or step in your life goals in a new context. You’ll discover not only how to think more broadly in your search, but how that leads to a wider net of opportunities. Our guest speakers will show you:

  • That leadership behaviors are prized by companies.
    How you can learn to adopt this leadership behaviors to position yourself for a job you want
    How to use awareness of business strategy to respond better to challenges
    How to identify where a change might be beneficial in how you present yourself.

The meeting will be in held at St. Gregory the Great’s Community Parish Center located at the rear of the parking lot. Our address is: 4620 Nottingham Way, Hamilton Square, New Jersey, 08690.  Additional information can be found at www.careersupportgroup.org including directions.


  • Saturday,  March 18 – Monthly Meeting
  • 8:30am-11:00am
  • FREE! All are welcome.
  • Address: St. Gregory the Great Community Parish Center (rear of the parking lot), 4620 Nottingham Way, Hamilton Square, New Jersey, 08690. Directions  Website



  • March 18 Leveraging Strategy to Advance Your Career featuring Jennifer Guy and Greg Burnham
  • April 15   “How Recruiters Use  LinkedIn” featuring Ed Han
  • May 20  “Social Media Secrets for Job Search” featuring Mitch Federman
  • June 17  “What’s Your Challenge?” Solutions
  • July 15   “Creating Your Master Resume” featuring Gary Lande
  • August 19  “Forming Your Own Executive Board” featuring Benny Recine

ABOUT the CAREER SUPPORT GROUP (at St. Gregory the Great)

For 10 years, we have been a dynamic support group where job seekers and jobholders connect to move forward in their careers and where participants are willing and committed to providing help to one another in the job search process. We generally meet on the third Saturday of the month at 8:30am. Our meetings are FREE and primarily geared toward professionals.  All are welcome including those actively seeking new positions, considering a career change, graduating or re-entering the market, and those who just want to stay abreast of current trends. We are an active, non-denominational group serving the greater Hamilton, Robbinsville, Princeton, Plainsboro, Freehold, the Windsors, the Brunswicks, and surrounding NJ/PA areas. www.careersupportgroup.org

ABOUT OUR GUEST SPEAKERSJennifer Guy appears at Career Support Group at St. Gregory the

Jennifer Guy As a co-founder of LeadingStrategically, Jennifer has been a management consultant since 1992, Jennifer is committed to making it easier to work in companies. She has been writing on management and leadership since then with newsletters, blog posts and now in the LeadingStrategically tool-set, designed to help people access the secrets of career development. She also works privately with organizations and individuals. She branded a project design protocol, Strategic Project Design, focused on leadership and strategic intent. Jennifer earned her B.A. in Music Performance from Ohio State University and a M.A. in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix and participates regularly in professional educational seminars and courses.Greg Burnham appears at Career Support Group at St. Gregory the

Greg Burnham As a co-founder of LeadingStrategically, Greg has 30 years of experience in a range of industries from pharmaceuticals to transportation to assessment testing. He has advised start-up companies and done executive coaching. With a focus on business outcomes, he is especially interested in the behaviors of leaders and to understand how someone becomes a leader. Greg has a Ph.D. in mathematics from Northwestern University. He graduated from Fordham University as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow. He resides in Princeton, NJ.

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