How to Find An Email Address

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Finding someone’s email address can be downright frustrating, particularly since the majority of business communications takes place via the internet. Generally speaking, an employee’s email address will be similar to the company’s website address (e.g.,” but how to figure that out can be quite challenging. Here’s a few options:

Google Search

In the Google search bar, enter the following (include the quotes and put the real company name in) “email * *”You will probably see a handful of employee emails which will tip you off how to address the email.

Sticking Mud Against the Wall

Most companies use a handful of patterns for its employees. Create a list of potential email addresses. Send an email to one of the addresses and copy the remainder into the BCC field. Send the email. You will receive a number messages that your “email couldn’t go through because it was a bad email address.” Simply scratch the bad addresses off your list to whittle down which one actually was the right one!

Common Company Email Patterns

  • moc.ynapmocnull@htims_eoj
  • moc.ynapmocnull@htims.eoj
  • moc.ynapmocnull@htimsj
  • moc.ynapmocnull@htims_j
  • moc.ynapmocnull@htims.j
  • moc.ynapmocnull@htimseoj
  • moc.ynapmocnull@jhtims
  • moc.ynapmocnull@j.htims
  • moc.ynapmocnull@j_hitims
  • moc.ynapmocnull@eoj.htims
  • moc.ynapmocnull@eoj_htims