Monthly Meeting on 8/15/15: Why Can’t I Get That Job?

We are proud to have one of the area’s top career coaches, Alex Freund, present “Why Can’t I Get That Job?” This presentation deals with various details focusing on the interview—for example, the importance of the fit factor.

The audience will learn about:

  • What exactly are recruiters looking for in résumés?
  • What about the issue of discrimination?
  • What are companies’ unwritten little secrets about hiring?
  • What are the various interview types?
  • What other tricks and traps do job seekers encounter?

Meeting starts at 8:30 a.m.  at the St. Gregory’s Community Parish Center located in the back of the parking lot. Directions link.

Alex Freund, the “landing expert,” supports job seekers into employment.  He is known for making people feel comfortable when interviewing.  Alex is an effective and successful career and interviewing coach.  He is prominent in several on- and off-line job-search networking groups, conducts workshops on effective resume development and use of LinkedIn in the job-search process.  Alex has been teaching for several years a career development seminar, and publishes a blog designed especially for job seekers.  Prior to his current position, Alex managed several large departments in two Fortune 100 companies.  Alex maintains and publishes a free directory of job-search networking groups via his web site at  Learn more about Alex at LinkedIn:


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