Future of Work (October 17, 2020)


(Meeting logon info below)  The Future of Work is a popular topic that tends to include related terms such as: digital disruption, gig economy, job automation, artificial intelligence and reskilling the workforce.  But what exactly is the “Future of Work”? Is it the latest industry fad? Is it a “singular thing?”  Should it be considered a fait accompli? The reality is that the future state of the “Future of Work” continues to evolve … seemingly daily … which is one reason why there are so many questions about it.

As the potential disruption is so great, some companies have started formal efforts to establish their own “Future of Work” strategies to gain insights on potential organizational changes. But the challenge is even GREATER for the individual worker, who needs to figure out how to “Keep Pace” with the “Future of Work” on their own, due in large part to a lack of specific or tangible guidance. Until now.

In this brand-new presentation for 2020, George Pace will share his research and insights to date on the “Future of Work”, where he will cover:

  • The newly developed “Keep Pace” Future of Work Ecosystem
  • Core Players of the “Future of Work” Ecosystem which include: the individual, society of business, and  technology
  • The SKILLS intersection (there are 8) where we will discuss: future of work skills and recommended activities to obtain those skills

There will also be a video “surprise” in the weeks prior to the presentation. So that you are alerted as to when those video’s appear, you are encouraged to subscribe to George’s Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/keeppace.

NOTE: Pre-PRESENTATION READING – OPTIONAL – for those interested in reading through supporting material prior to the presentation, visit: https://www.keeppace.com/2020-presentationreading


We generally meet the third Saturday of the month. Like other organizations, we know the importance of our meetings and are working to bring them to you during COVID. We will continue with VIRTUAL MEETINGS and do not yet know when we can start meeting in person again. Do mark your calendars of these upcoming meetings, and we’ll keep you posted:  Sept 19 – Oct 17 – Nov 21 – Dec 19.

  • 8:30am-10:30am
  • All are welcome; open to the public. No cost to participate.
  • Expert presenters cover emerging issues and insights for job search or career management/advancement each month.
  • Address: St. Gregory the Great Church Community Parish Center (Building #6 in rear of the parking lot), 4620 Nottingham Way, Hamilton Square, New Jersey, 08690.
  • www.careersupportgroup.org   www.careersupportgroup.org/directions

ABOUT George Pace

George Pace is an IT technology leader, focusing on how to extract business value from the latest technologies. His is currently working to “Keep Pace” with Cloud Computing (specifically Kubernetes and Containers), Artificial Intelligence and Digital Assistants to gain insights on how those technologies will impact the “Future of Work”.

George is sharing his thoughts and insights on his YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/keeppace) – so stop by and subscribe !

George holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Seton Hall University and an MBA from the Rutgers Business School

ABOUT Career Support Group (CSG)

We are where job search and career management come together. For 10+ years, the Career Support Group (CSG) at St. Gregory the Great Church in Hamilton Square, NJ, has provided a safe space for participants to learn, network, and help one another.

Monthly meetings feature different career experts and topics to help you advance in your career or job search. We generally meet on the third Saturday each month from 8:30am – 10:30am. Meetings are geared towards professionals and are open to the public. No cost to participate. All are welcome!

Participants include those seeking new job positions, wanting to advance in their careers, considering a career change, re-entering the labor market, recently graduated, and those who want to stay abreast of current trends or are paying it forward.

We meet at St. Gregory the Great’s Community Parish Center (building 6 in rear of parking lot), 4620 Nottingham Way, Hamilton Square, NJ 08690. Meetings are non-denominational and all are welcome to attend. For directions and details, visit www.careersupportgroup.org.

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